Day 16 - Sunday, September 4 - Rhode Island << Index
Anticipated: Play golf at Fox Woods Golf & Country Club in Wyoming, Rhode Island.
Leave Johnsons for 11:00 tee time at Fox Woods. After golf, spend rest of day with the Johnsons. casino
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Foxwoods sign – Jim in Golf Shop with manager, John Hague

Golf course scenes

More golf course scenes

Cookout at at the Johnsons (Starting at top left – Arnie, Joan, Pat, Jim – Pat and Kristen – Linda and Wendy – Arnie and Joan – Mark Hansen cooking the lobsters – Arnie and granddaughters Alyssa and Mikaela Hansen, and the family gathered together)
We have now completed more than 25% of our golf odyssey. We are gaining more confidence every day that we can complete this journey.

Another beautiful day with sunshine and clear skies for our 16th day of golf. After a leisurely breakfast, we got in the van to drive to our 10:40AM tee time at Foxwoods Golf and Country Club in Richmond, Rhode Island. The battery was dead!!! We were able to borrow Joan’s car to drive to the golf course while Arnie hooked up his battery charger to the van and charged the battery while we were gone.

It was a short drive (about 12 miles) to the golf course from their house. It is mandatory to take a cart, and after starting the first hole, we could understand why. The holes are spread out and quite a distance from one hole to the next tee. This was by far the most difficult course we have played so far. The name was originally Boulder Hills (large boulders line many of the holes, and are strategically placed in the middle of some of the fairways). There are many wooded areas, and the whole course is very scenic (see pictures). Jim shot a 90 (yardage = 6004) and Pat shot a 113 (yardage = 4881)

NOTE: We will not be including the Course Rating and Slope on our daily reports. If you want to see them along with our scores and other score information, just go to the bottom of the home page (below our picture) and click on the Scores for Jim or Pat. That will give you all of the statistical information.

We would like to thank the staff at Foxwoods for their courtesy and hospitality during our short visit to theit golf course. .

After golf we drove back to the Johnsons and met more of the family. Everyone was gathering for a Labor Day/Birthday (Linda) celebration picnic and lobster dinner. See pictures of Mark with the lobsters.