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Anticipated: Play golf at Mountaineers Woodview Golf Course in New Cumberland, West Virginia.
Leave Triaus for 1:30PM tee time at Mountaineers Woodview. After golf drive from New Cumberland to home of Patís cousin Louise to spend another night with her in Rocky River, OH. casino
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Welcome to West Virginia sign

Pro shop staff: Ted Harrington (left), Mike Konnovitch (right)

Golf course scenes
The last four days with Liz and Serge Triau went by very quickly. We especially want to thank them for their generous and warm hospitality. It was so special to spend this time with them. We left their home at 7:30AM heading for our 24th day of golf in West Virginia.

From the Triaus we drove north on I270 to Frederick and then headed west on I70 to Breezewood where we caught the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Continuing west we left the turnpike east of Pittsburgh and went through downtown Pittsburgh to Weirton, West Virginia. From Weirton we drove north into the sliver of WV that separates Pennsylvania and Ohio. The sliver is bounded on the west by the Ohio River, which we were adjacent to for the 30 mile trip from Weirton to New Cumberland and the Mountaineer Golf Club.

The golf course is in a beautiful mountain setting. The course was very hilly, but in our opinion was well designed and laid out. Even though it had been a very dry summer, the course was watered and therefore green and in good condition. Needless to say, we never had a level stance, and of course this contributed to some of our less than perfect shots. Jim shot an 88 (yardage = 5848) and Pat shot 112 (yardage = 5129). We appreciate the hospitality of the pro shop managers Ted Harrington and Mike Konnovitch (see picture below). All in all it was a good day except for the heat. The temperature was in the low 90s and there was no breeze. The sky was cloudless, but there were many shade trees so we had some relief from the sun. We have had 24 straight days of hot sun baked golf (including Anchorage) except for 5 holes of rain in Newfoundland and 9 holes of rain in Nova Scotia. We are looking forward to some cool weather as we continue our journey westward.

I (Jim) had a minor loss today. I left my sand wedge someplace on the golf course. Itís no big loss, because as those of you who have played with me know I could never use it anyway. I had many more failures than successes with it. To the pro shop at Mountaineer Golf Club: If anyone should turn it in, give it to some deserving kid. Iím going to buy a new one that can get me out of traps!

After golf we drove 80 miles to Rocky River, Ohio (just west of Cleveland) to spend the night with Patís cousin, Louise Gallagher. This is the second night with Louise. On day four (3 weeks ago) we spent a night with her on our way east. We really appreciated the opportunity to spend some time with Louise and visit her beautiful home near Lake Erie. Tomorrow we play Indiana and then head to Grand Rapids for two nights in our own beds.