Day 26 - Wednesday, September 14 - Michigan << Index
Anticipated: Play golf at Sunnybrook Country Club, Grandville, Michigan.
After a good night's sleep, we will play our home course, Sunnybrook Country Club around 3:00pm. casino
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Pro shop pictures -- top--Mick DeKorver, Head Sunnybrook golf professional; middle--Doug Sefcik, pro shop assistant & Mick; bottom -- Scott Hebert, assistant golf professional.

Welcome sign to State of Michigan, Sunnybrook CC entrance sign

TV newscaster Rachel Calderon of Fox News; middle -- TV cameraman Joe Lynn from Fox News taking video of some Healey family members; bottom -- Jim Beckett (long time Sunnybrook member) and Jerry Berles (long-time former Golf Professional at Sunnybrook Country Club)

Jim and Pat with daughter Lisa Postma and son, Stewart Healey.(upper left) All Healeys (Pat, grandson Mark, granddaughter Jamie, Jim, granddaughter Jodie and daughter-in-law, Pam) (upper right) Jamie, Pam, and Jodie Healey (lower left) Son-in-law Dave Postma, daughter Lisa Postma, granddaughters Stefanie and Holly Postma, Jim, Pat, granddaughter Aubrey Healey, and son Stu Healey (lower right).

Scenes from the golf course
This morning we got up just a little after 7 AM at our home in Hudsonville, after a good nightís sleep. We had quite a lot to do before our 3 PM tee time at our home course, Sunnybrook Country Club. Jim was busy getting the van serviced for the next part of our trip, and getting all the bills paid and up to date. Pat was busy getting the laundry done (fortunately she was able to do four loads in Rhode Island at the Johnson home, so that was a big help). She also had some groceries to purchase for the next part of the journey. If we have a long way to drive many of the days we stop along the way for a picnic lunch, so we take non-perishable food with us.

There was a lot of activity at the golf course today. We were met by our son, Stu, and daughter, Lisa, at the first tee; as well as good friends, Paul and Marge Helm, who played a few holes with us, and took some of the snapshots of us along the way. On the third-hole Fox News reporter Rachel Calderon and her cameraman, Joe Lynn met us for an on site interview about our venture. This will be aired at 10:00PM tonight on channel 5. Our grandchildren (Jamie, Mark and Jodie Healey) and daughter-in-law, Pam Healey joined us on the fourth-hole to watch us play a few holes. Then, our son-in-law, Dave Postma joined us on the 7th hole. (He also played the back nine with us.) Sports writer for The Grand Rapids Press, Greg Johnson, caught us on the 7th hole and stayed for a few more holes. Our daughter, Lisa, left to pick up her two daughters, Stefanie and Holly Postma, and they joined us on the 16th hole. Then our granddaughter, Aubrey Healey and her boyfriend, GJ Antor joined us on the 17th hole. We had several other Sunnybrook members come to watch us play (big thrill) a few holes on the front nine. Jim shot a 93 today (yardage = 6489) and Pat shot 112 (yardage = 5477). We should have been able to score better on our home course, but with all the activity it was difficult to concentrate on our shots (excuses, excuses!!). The weather was great (mid 79s), and we really enjoyed it after the heat of the past few days. Note: The only members of our family who were unable to join us today were sons Ken who was on a Delta trip and son Bill who lives and works in Bali (Indonesia).

Sunnybrookís fairways and greens are in great shape. Jason Schwieters, the greens superintendent has done a fantastic job in keeping the course in such excellent condition. We want to thank Mick DeKorver, PGA Professional for letting us have so many people accompany us on the course, and for supplying the carts at no charge to us.

After dinner at Sunnybrook with several of our family members, we drove to the High School, hoping to see part of our grandsonís (Mark) water polo game, but we were a few minutes too late. We are happy to report that his team (JENISON) won the game.

Tomorrow we will leave around 11:00AM for our Wisconsin day of golf. We have a 2:00PM tee time, and we gain an hour, so that should give us ample time to get there by 2:00. We will be spending the next 2 nights with Patís cousin, Velma Fernandez in Lake Villa, Illinois as we play Wisconsin and Illinois.