Day 27 - Thursday, September 15 - Wisconsin << Index
Anticipated: Play golf at Hillmoor Golf Course in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Leave home for a 2:00PM tee time at Hillmoor. After golf we will drive to the home of Pat's cousin, Velma Fernandez in Lake Villa, IL. We will spend two nights with Velma. casino
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Golf Shop Assistant, Meghan Ohme

Welcome to Hillmoor Golf Club sign

Scenes from Hillmoor golf course

Mick Force, Handicomp computer website designer extraordinaire
As Willie Nelson would say, “On the road again, I can’t wait to get on the road again”---that’s us. Arnie Johnson (we stayed with Arnie & Joan Johnson in Rhode Island for 4 nights -- days 14 to 17) suggested that once we arrived home after our eastern swing, that we might find it difficult to leave, but here we are on the western swing of our golf odyssey. To continue our musical theme, it’s “On Wisconsin” (or On to Wisconsin}.

After another night’s sleep at home, we still had quite a few details to complete before we could leave for our 27th day of golf. We finally pulled out of our driveway about 11:30AM on our way to Hillmoor Golf Course in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. We were making unusually good time, when, as luck would have it, we ran into a traffic backup just south of Chicago. For over an hour we were “stop and go”, not moving more than a few yards at a time. It appears that I80 is being completely rebuilt from the Indiana line west to the junction of thr Tri-state. We were concerned that it would be too late for us to finish 18 holes at Hillmoor if the traffic didn’t start moving soon. We gave ourselves another hour, and if the traffic didn’t move by then, we’d have to find a golf course nearby in Illinois and play Wisconsin tomorrow (flip flop the 2 states). The “bottleneck” finally cleared and we were on our way north on I294 (Tri-state). As we were approaching Lake Geneva, it started to rain! When we got to the golf course it was a light but steady drizzle.

We thought we would be the only ones on the golf course, but that was not so. The course was fairly crowded, but the pro shop staff told us to start on the 3rd hole so that we’d have a better chance of finishing the round before dark. The drizzle continued for about 12 holes, then it stopped, but was still overcast and looked like it might start raining again any minute. Luckily for us, the rain held off, and we finished the last two holes in semi-darkness. We would like to thank the pro shop staff for being so helpful in letting us start at the 3rd hole, and for letting us “skip around” so that we could complete our 18-hole round. Jim shot 88 (yardage = 6316) and Pat shot 114 (yardage 5356).

Note: We would not have been able to complete the round if we hadn’t made some creative re-routing of the course. We started on the 3rd hole so as to get ahead of the league, however when we reached the 5th hole we were held up by a threesome. We skipped ahead to the 7th hole and sailed all the way to the 11th hole. We played patiently behind the groups in front of us through hole 13, then we skipped across the course and played 1 & 2. We then went to hole 14 but caught up on hole 16 to the same people who were holding us up earlier on 13. We then drove to hole 5 and played 5 & 6. Driving back to hole 17, we were able to finish the round. The last hole was so dark that we couldn’t see any of our shots. Fortunately we hit them straight, so we were able to find the balls.

As we were loading our clubs in the van, it started to rain again, and as we got on the road to Lake Villa and Pat’s cousin Velma, the rain became rather heavy. We had about 30 miles to drive on a two-lane road in quite heavy rain. Needless to say, we were very happy when we reached Velma’s home last night!

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