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Anticipated: Play golf at Renwood Golf Course in in Round Lake Beach, Illinios
Leave Velma's house 11:00AM tee time at Renwood. After golf we will drive back to Velma's house and spend the rest of the evening with her. casino
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Jim with Renwood Master Teaching Professional, Mike Perez

Renwood clubhouse

Scenes from Renwood golf course

Jim with Renwood ranger, Ray Lacroix
It was still drizzling when we woke up this morning, but when we finished breakfast we could see breaks in the clouds, so we decided to leave for the golf course a little earlier than our scheduled 10:00AM tee time. The golf course is only 1.7 miles from the home of Pat’s cousin, Velma Fernandez. We are staying with Velma for 2 nights while we play Wisconsin and Illinois. Fortunately, there was an opening and we got on the course right away (9:00AM). Renwood Golf Course is a pretty course with several water holes. There is a stream that winds through the course and comes into play on most of the holes on the front nine. The back nine does not have as much water, but is very tight, so shots have to be accurate. The roughs were quite long, so we tried to stay in the fairways as much as possible. The weather shaped up nicely with partial sunshine. It was a welcome break from the hot days we had on our eastern swing.

As Pat was getting out of the cart on the 3rd hole, she must have turned “the wrong way” and she pulled a muscle in her back. Fortunately she had some Tylenol in her golf bag and took some right away. It did help ease the pain; however she was not able to swing the club in her usual manner for several holes; but she did manage to finish the full 18 holes. Jim shot 92 (yardage = 6062) and Pat shot 123 (yardage 5450).

We would like to thank the staff at Renwood for their courtesy and helpfulness during our round there today. Ray Lacroix (a ranger for the course) joined us for the last few holes (see picture). He was very informative about the remaining holes we had to play.

After returning to Velma’s house, Pat took a hot shower and Velma gave her a massage with some special formula medication, which is supposed to take the “kinks” out of sore muscles. Hopefully she’ll be OK for tomorrow’s round in Iowa.

We are enjoying the rest of the afternoon and evening visiting with Velma, and she is planning a “special” meal for tonight’s dinner. We will be up early tomorrow morning and be on our way to our next state, Iowa.