Day 3 - Monday, August 22 - Utah << Index
Anticipated: Play Wingpoint Golf Course in Salt Lake City, UT
Arrive at the golf course for 8:04AM tee time. Leave golf course for airport for 12:55 Delta flight to Cincinnati OH. casino
Web: Wingpointe - Salt Lake City, UT
Actual: (Photos and text)
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Pat, Lynn Landgren (head golf professional) and Jim just outside the pro shop with the mountains in the background.

Pat teeing off on one of the holes.

Pat putting with the Wasatch Mountains in the background.

Pat, son Ken and Jim at the Cincinnati airport.
Today we had a scheduled 8:04 AM tee time at WingPointe Golf Course in order to make our 1:00 PM flight from Salt Lake City to Cincinnati.

We were up at 6:45 AM, had breakfast and were on our way to the golf course. En route, we received a cell phone call from Tom Rademacher, a reporter for the Grand Rapids Press. We gave him a telephone interview about our intended trip which will appear in his column sometime in the near future. It appears that there is some human interest in our endeavor. Other media people have contacted us also. We only hope that we can live up to their expectations as well as ours and complete our 61 day trip.

One thing for sure, we are only three days into the odyssey, but the tough part is over. Making all the flights on a standby status to Alaska and back caused us considerable worry. Also, the threat on the Northwest Airlines strike caused us some concern. If NWA did have a work stoppage, many of their passengers would have gone to Delta, and standby status would have been impossible.

WingPointe is a somewhat flat golf course, but it has crucial water and sand which add to its character and difficulty. It is in very good condition and very enjoyable to play. It is adjacent to the Salt Lake City International Airport and planes were constantly taking off only a few hundred feet above our heads. President George Bush flew into Salt Lake City at 11:00AM today which tied up traffic for a period of time. We were hoping to see Air Force One, but it flew in from the north as the winds were out of the south (the golf course is adjacent to the airport on the south).

We had a tight schedule as we had to make our 1:00PM flight. We are grateful for the two groups of golfers who let us play through so that we were able to make the flight. We teed off at 8:10 AM and completed the round at 11:20 so that was quite fast. We were also fortunate to get seats on the airplane, because it was booked to capacity. Apparently some people didnít show up.

We reached Cincinnati at 6:15 PM as per schedule. We were pleasantly surprised when our son Ken met us as we were getting off the plane. He was able to spend about ten minutes with us before leaving for his scheduled flight to Providence, RI. After picking up our golf clubs from baggage, we went to airport parking for our car. We drove north across the Ohio River, through Cincinnati and were at our motel in southern Ohio about 7 PM.

We would like to thank Lynn Landgren (head golf professional), and his staff at WingPointe for their hospitality at their golf course during our short stay.