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Anticipated: Play golf at Two River Golf Course in Hallock, Minnesota.
Leave Keith and Karen Boughton's home at for a 12:00 tee time at Two River Golf Course. After golf we will drive to the home of Jim's cousin, Donna Knight in Glenboro, MB where we will spend the night. casino
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Web: Two River Golf Course - Hallock, MN
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Pro shop attendant - Mary Lundberg (top) (L-R) Tom Hughes - club member, Pat, Fred Bear - club manager (bottom)

Minnesota entrance signs

Upper left – bridge from parking lot to golf course, Upper right- river below the dam, and scenes from the golf course

Golf course signs and clubhouse (American and Canadian flags)

Jim’s cousins in Winnipeg (left) Karen & Keith Boughton and (right) Jack and Erica Carroll (Karen and Jack are Jim’s second cousins)
Today was originally scheduled to be played on Tuesday, but since we played 36 holes on Sunday, we were able to advance our Tuesday round to Monday. This means that we will take Tuesday off after 31 consecutive days of golf. We’ll be at the home of Karen and Keith Boughton in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Karen is Jim’s 2nd cousin and the first of four second cousins with whom we will be staying as we travel the four western Canadian provinces).

Our trip today was straight north on I29 for 340 miles. As predicted, the weather front passed by during the night with several thunderstorms, but by this morning it was cooler and only partly cloudy. About 20 miles short of the Canadian border we turned east for 10 miles to Hallock, Minnesota where we played Two Rivers Golf Club. An interesting coincidence, on our 2nd round yesterday we played Two Rivers Country Club in SD, and today we played Two Rivers Golf Club in MN.

I29 follows the Red River of the North for most of the way from the South Dakota border to the Canadian border. The Red River forms the boundary between North Dakota and Minnesota. The land is very flat here in the Red River Valley, and one can see for miles in any direction.

We arrived at the golf course at 1:45 PM and were able to play at 2:00 PM. In order to get to the course, we had to park in a lower parking lot, then walk across a dam and waterfall (about 200 yards - see pictures below). A “shotgun” tournament was just finishing, so when the players cleared off the course we had it all to ourselves. We were able to play in 3 hours finishing at 5:00 PM. We both enjoyed the course very much. Jim shot 81 (yardage = 5870) and Pat shot 105 (yardage = 5328)

The golf course was very nice with a good layout. The greens were excellent and the course appeared to be well watered. We would like to thank owner Rod Hennen for his hospitality and “comping” us on the green fees. We would also like to thank Mary Lundberg for her courtesy and hospitality when we arrived. It was also a pleasure to meet the manager Fred Bear and member Tom Hughes as well as other members. .

After golf we drove 70 miles to the home of Karen and Keith Boughton in Winnipeg where we will be spending tonight (Monday). As mentioned above, we have tomorrow off from golf, so we’ll spend time catching up, conversing with the Boughtons, and probably visit the graves of Jim’s grandparents, John and Mary Healey, and great grandfather James Healey in Glenboro.