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Anticipated: Play golf at Woodlawn Golf Club in Estevan, Saskatchewan.
Leave Glenboro for 1:00PM tee time at Woodlawn Golf Club. After golf we will drive to the home of Maurice and Jean Didkowski in Estevan, SK where we will spend the night. Jean is Jim's cousin casino
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Saskatchewan sign

(top) Pro shop staff – Jim with Brian Dueck, Head golf professional (bottom) Assistant pros, Chris Morson and Linda Murphy

Pro shop assistants – Cindy Cull and Amanda Minchin

Scenes from the golf course
We were sad to leave Donna’s home in Glenboro, after such a wonderful visit, but we had another course to play in our venture. We left after breakfast heading to Estevan, Saskatchewan where we were scheduled to play Estevan Woodlawn Golf Club at 1:00PM. When we walked in the pro shop we were greeted by Brian Dueck, the Head Golf Professional, with a big smile and the words “Well, Hello, you must be Jim and Pat Healey!” He then showed us an article telling about our venture that had appeared in one of the national golf magazines. The article had been posted on their bulletin board at the club.

It was a busy day at the club, but Brian squeezed us in between two outings that were scheduled for the day. As we were getting ready to go out to the tee and get in line for our tee off we were met by Chad Saxon, a sports reporter from the Estevan Mercury local newspaper. He spent about 20 minutes interviewing us until we teed off at our assigned time. In the meantime, David Willberg, a reporter from Lifestyles, another local newspaper came out to the first tee to talk with us. Since we couldn’t hold up the second outing, he asked if we would be willing to talk with him after we finished our round. We agreed, and he was waiting for us when we finished the 18th hole at 5:00PM.

Woodlawn is situated in the picturesque Souris River Valley. The front and back nines are entirely different, but both very interesting. The front nine is wide open and has fairly large greens, while the back has water on seven of its nine holes, and the greens are small and pretty flat. Jim shot 92 (yardage = 6121) and Pat shot 115 (yardage = 5409). We enjoyed the course very much and will certainly play it again should we revisit Estavan.

We especially want to thank Brian for squeezing us in between the outings, and for “comping” us for both green and cart fees. We also appreciate the kindness and encouraging wishes from his staff during the day: Amanda Minchin, Cindy Cull, Linda Murphy and Chris Morson.

After golf we drove to the home of Jean and Maurice Didkowski (Jean is another of Jim’s second cousins). Jean had a delicious dinner waiting for us, and afterwards we had time for conversation before retiring for the night.