Day 4 - Tuesday, August 23 - Ohio << Index
Anticipated: Play Golf at Twin Lakes Golf Course Mansfield, OH.
Arrive at club for 1:00 pm tee time. After golf drive to Rocky River, OH (near Cleveland) to spend the night at the home of Pat's cousin, Louise Gallagher. casino
Actual: (Photos and text)
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Denny Snyder (pro shop assistant) and Jim

Some scenes of the golf course (click photo to enlarge)

Pat and her cousin Louise Gallagher in Rocky River, Ohio.
In the four days that we have been gone we have received many emails from friends, family and acquaintances wishing us well in our endeavor, and we are very happy for the support. We would like to respond to all of these and certainly will sometime in the future. However, it seems that most of our waking time is occupied with golf, travel and composing the detail for the web site (script and pictures).

We have had some questions as to how we are able to get each dayís activities to the website so quickly. The first three days were very difficult because we were either playing golf or catching airplanes (Alaska, Wyoming, Utah, Ohio). Now that we are in our own car (no more airplanes until our final trip from Cincinnati to Hawaii), we have a better routine. After golf each day we will drive to a motel near our next destination (usually 100 to 200 miles). When Pat is driving, Jim will write the script for the dayís activities and Pat will type and edit Jimís script into the laptop computer once we reach the motel. We will also download the pictures from the digital camera to the computer. At that point we will compose the email (pictures and script) and send it to Handicomp, Inc. (the Healey family business). Mick Force (Handicomp programmer extraordinaire) will receive the email the following morning and assimulate it to the proper day of the website. At that point anyone who is interested can track our day-to-day activities.

Now, to day four activities: We spent 7:30AM to 10:30AM assembling the emails for the activities of day two and three. As mentioned above, those days were occupied with traveling and we had very little time for anything else.

We left the motel in Cincinnati at 10:30 AM for Twin Lake Golf course in Mansfield, Ohio, arriving for a 1:30 tee time. The course was wide open and we completed our round in 3 hours. The golf course is very scenic, and its two signature holes across the twin lakes add a real touch of beauty to the course. The greens were very good but quite slow. We had fast greens the previous three days (Alaska, Wyoming, Utah), so we had trouble getting the ball to the hole --- consequently several three putts.

We left the golf course at 5:00 PM and drove to Rocky River, Ohio (just west of Cleveland on Lake Erie). Rocky River is the home of Louise Gallagher who is Patís cousin. We arrived at Louiseís home at 7:00 PM to an excellent supper prepared by Louise. Pat typed this script after supper and then she spent the rest of the evening catching up on family activities. While this was going on, Jim assembled the email and sent it on to Mick at Handicomp.

We retired at 10:30 PM in order to get an early start for our golf at Terry Hills Golf Course in Batavia, NY (about 240 miles from Cleveland and 40 miles east of Buffalo).