Day 57 - Saturday, October 15 - South Carolina << Index
Anticipated: Play golf at The Creek Golf Course in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Leave Sara's house for 11:00AM tee time at The Creek Golf Course. After golf we will spend rest of day with Sara and her family. casino
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South Carolina Welcome sign and The Creek Golf Club sign

Pro Shop Attendants, Mary and Jack

Scenes from the golf course
After a very delicious and satisfying breakfast, we, along with Lisa, were on the road to Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was a nice break with Lisa doing the driving. We were able to get some phone calls made, and write our documentation for yesterday’s round of golf. (We didn’t do any of those things last night because we wanted to visit with Sara and Brett and the girls).

Today’s golf course, The Creek, located in Spartanburg, SC had us “back tracking” to South Carolina from Charlotte. The 80-mile drive took about 90 minutes on I-85 and we arrived at the golf course just before 10:00AM tee time. We were met in the golf shop by Jack West, the pro shop attendant who accepted our passes and got us set up with two golf carts (Brett was able to get passes for free golf and carts for the three of us from his place of employment) (Coca-Cola)---thanks Brett & Coke.

The golf course was very nice. It had rolling terrain, which sometimes caused us problems with our judgment of distances. Many of the greens were elevated which meant that we had to use an extra club or two on our approach shots. Each of us also had a few 3-putt greens because of our inability to read the greens. Lisa played quite well in spite of the fact that she hadn’t played in about three months. She shot 89 (yardage = 5030), Pat shot 105 (yardage = 5080) and Jim shot 89 (yardage = 6110).

Upon completion of our round, the pro shop attendant, Mary Wolfe signed our golf verification sheet and we were on our way. We wish to thank Mary and Jack for their hospitality and courtesy during our time at The Creek Golf Club.

We arrived back at Brett and Saras’s home about 4:30PM. Brett also played golf today, but he had already committed to a Coca Cola golf outing and was unavailable to play with us. Upon his arrival home we had a great dinner of grilled steaks with all the trimmings. Sara had taped the Michigan-Penn State football game earlier so after dinner we all settled down to enjoy the game. Brett and Sara are Penn State grads and of course we are Wolverine fans. The game made for some very lively and contentious conversation. Of course, by the time this journal appears on our web site, the reader will know that Michigan won the game on a last second play!