Day 59 - Monday, October 17 - Tennessee << Index
Anticipated: Play golf at Knoxville Golf Course in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Leave Sara's house for 11:30AM tee time at Knoxville Golf Course. After golf we will drive to a motel in Covington, KY. casino
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Web: Knoxville Golf Course - Knoxville, TN
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Tennessee Welcome sign and Knoxville Golf Course sign

Buddy Joe Roberts, Manager of Knoxville Golf Course

Clubhouse from the 18th green

View of the golf course showing the early morning dew

Scenes from the golf course
In order to get an early start, we had our “wake-up” call set for 7:00AM. After a full continental breakfast at the Quality Inn we left for Knoxville Golf Course, just a few miles away. The morning air was chilly, but no frost, so we were able to tee off right away. There was heavy dew but clear skies, so we knew the course would dry before long; however, all three of us had trouble finding our balls on the first few holes. This course was built on hilly terrain and has narrow fairways that are all tree lined. Water comes into play on several holes, especially #9, a par 5 with a pond in front of the very elevated green. The par 3s were all relatively short, but had trouble all around them. Pat chipped in for a “Birdie” on the 15th hole, which helped her score. It was her second “birdie” in 59 rounds of golf. Jim shot 84 (yardage = 6017), Pat shot 111 (yardage = 5325) and Lisa shot 96. She had several penalties for lost balls.

When we arrived at the course in the morning, we were cordially greeted by Mrs. Roberts. We thought she’d still be there when we finished, but she had already left for the day, so we missed taking her picture. When we finished the round, we met Buddy Joe Roberts, the manager who had responded to our request to play the course. We would like to thank him for his interest in our venture and for presenting us with golf balls with the club logo imprinted on them. Note: Mrs. Roberts is Buddy Joe’s mother.

Since it is still dark at 8:00AM, we knew that we would not have enough time to complete 18 holes and get to the airport for our 12:35PM flight to Hawaii tomorrow. Therefore, we decided to drive to Covington, Kentucky immediately after completing our round in Knoxville. This was a four-hour drive (250 miles) and we reached tomorrow’s golf course (Twin Oaks Golf and Plantation Club in Covington, KY) at 4:00PM. We were planning to play as many holes as we could before it got dark, then come back tomorrow morning to finish the balance. Amazingly, we were able to play all 18 holes before dark, so now we will have plenty of time in the morning to get organized and get to the greater Cincinnati/Kentucky Airport in time for our flight to Hawaii and our final round (61st) on Wednesday. Even though we completed our Kentucky round today, it will be written up in tomorrow’s journal.