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Anticipated: Play golf at Twin Oaks & Plantation Club in Covington, Kentucky.
Leave motel for 7:55AM tee time at Twin Oaks. After golf we will drive to Cincinnati Airport (CVG) for flight #511, departing at 12:45PM for 4:02PM arrival in Honolulu, HI. Leave car at Cincinnati airport. Stay at motel in Honolulu on Tuesday night. casino
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Welcome to Kentucky sign and Twin Oaks sign

Domanic Calacopa, Director of Golf and Rusty Collensworth, golf shop assistant

Scenes from the golf course

Jim & Pat on Delta flight 511 from Cincinnati to Honolulu; Shuttle driver from motel to Cincinnati airport. Sorry we didn’t get your name. Would you please email it to us?

Crew of flight 511 (L to R) Captain Pat Adkins; flight attendants Linda Powell, Vicki Rabozzi & Martha Victores; First Officer Scott Pierce; and First Officer John Mentzer. Our thanks to the crew for a very comfortable ride to our final round of our 61-day golf odyssey.
As mentioned in yesterday’s journal, our Kentucky round of golf was completed yesterday (Monday), however the writeup is included in today’s journal. Twin Oaks Golf and Plantation Club is a public golf course located in Covington, Kentucky. It is situated in the Valley of the Ohio and Licking Rivers, and features a fairly level course among the tall trees of the area. Hole #10, a 216-yard par 3 (163 yards for women) has a reputation for being the most difficult and beautiful hole in the area. Your shot must carry an enormous water hazard and a hill before it reaches the green. We wish we had more time to enjoy the course, and if any of us are in the area again, we will plan to play a more leisurely round of golf there. The Golf Course at Twin Oaks is a great course in a beautiful setting.

We would like to thank Rusty Collinsworth, golf shop assistant and Domanic Catacopa, Director of Golf for their interest and help in getting us out on the course in time to finish the eighteen holes. Rusty even came out on the course and gave each of us a bottle of water, which was greatly appreciated. In addition, he gave us some ball markers bearing the Twin Oaks logo. We would also like to thank Susie Hillard for her positive response to our initial request to play Twin Oaks. We are sorry that we didn’t get to meet her, as she is in Florida on vacation.

We all got a good night’s sleep after our 36 holes of golf and 250-mile (400 km) ride from Knoxville to Covington (Cincinnati). We were up at about 7:30 AM, and enjoyed a good continental breakfast. We were relieved that we had played our Kentucky round of golf yesterday and could concentrate on our trip to Hawaii.

The interior of our van was in shanbles after five weeks on the road, and it took us a while to get ourselves organized for our flight to Honolulu. At about 8:30PM everything seemed to be in order, so Lisa left in the van on the 400-mile (670 km) trip to Grand Rapids. Lisa Postma, our daughter flew to Atlanta last Friday and joined us for four days of golf. She is driving our van home today, and we will fly directly home (Honolulu to Cincinnati to Grand Rapids).

We were fortunate that there were seats available on our intended flight to Hawaii, and at 12:30PM we were airborne on Delta Airlines. We had a good flight with a great crew (pictures above). We arrived in Honolulu at 4:00PM after a 9-hour flight (6 hour time shift). From the airport we drove our rental car a short distance to the Best Western motel. Since our bodies were still on Eastern time, we went to bed early in order to be rested for our 61st and final round of golf of this “Our Impossible Dream”, Jim and Pat’s CanAmAthon!